Path for PC

To install Path for PC you will need the android emulator like you need for any other android app like Instagram for PC or Whatsapp for PC

Path for PC-12

Download Path for PC:

1) Download BlueStacks for windows or Mac from the links below. BlueStacks is an Android emulator and allows you to run android apps on a desktop pc or mac

* Bluestacks for windows (XP, Vista, Win7/8)

* Bluestacks for Mac

2) Once the download is complete, click on the .exe file and go through the onscreen instructions to install BlueStacks.

3) After installation, when you open it, you must see a window like below. Of course, there won’t be any apps’ icons.BlueStack-for-PC

4) Now hit the blue ‘Magnifier’ icon you see at the top right and search for the keywords ‘path’

path for PC5) Click on the top most link from the fetched results that reads ‘Path’ and hit install.

path for PC-36) That’s all! Now you can access Path right from your computer!

Path for PC-11

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